IMS X1 Headphone Amplifier

The X1 Hybrid Valve Amplifier gives us back the warm, rich quality sound that was lost when transistors took over from Valves. Plug it between your phone or MP3 player and your headphones. Your music now passes through real glass tube valves, resulting in vastly improved sound quality. It will also boost the volume so you’ll now have enough power to drive the most demanding headphones.

Although the sound is big on quality, the amplifier is small- about the profile of an iPhone 4, and smaller than many smart phones. With a long life lithium battery you will be able to listen for hours to your favourite music while on the go. Plug the X1 with the optional inbuilt DAC into your computer to by pass your computers sound card and get the best high resolution music you’ll ever hear (32bit/384kHz.)

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Product Details