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Amplifies the emotion.

Valves or Semiconductors? Magnetosolid®.
The name of this technology comes from a combination of “ferromagnetic” with “sol was ido “. The components in the solid state are used in circuits identical to those of tube amplifiers. United so the advantages of solid-state and tube amplifiers while overcoming their respective shortcomings. All the polarizations are in Class A and without feedback. Each component is carefully selected. The result is a sound controlled, precise and dynamic, yet gentle, natural, airy, warm and pleasant. The extremes of Magnetosolid® technology, making use of ferromagnetic components even more refined and rich, originates amplifiers Magnetosolid-VHP. Using these unique and extraordinary components give rise to a more precise and natural sound. The unique Grandinote products, masterpieces of style and technology, are preferred even by the most refined and demanding.

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