Amplifies the emotion. Valves or Semiconductors? Magnetosolid®. The name of this technology comes from a combination of "ferromagnetic" with "sol was ido ". The components in the solid state are used in circuits identical to ...


Dr Acoustics

Dr Acoustics DR Acoustics was born from a happy coincidence. Daniel Robidoux, telecommunications engineer, enjoyed a prosperous, 21-year career in the field of data transmission products. With his Cartesian spirit, Mr. Robidoux strongly believed that ...

Intona High Speed USB Isolator

Intona High Speed USB Isolator

We are constantly looking out for gears that will help you to get the best from your computer playback via your USB Dac. The Intona High-Speed USB Isolator, world's first in-the-box solution to galvanically isolate the USB ...


Daedalus Audio Argos Speakers

The Argos takes the venerable DA-1.1 to the next level, incorporating the sculpted baffle of the Athena, rigid hardwood back of the Ulysses, a taller cabinet with heavy maple mass in the base as well ...


High Fidelity Adapters & Accessories

We're bringing in High Fidelity RCA adapters and MC0.5 soon! Pre-orders are available now. For more product information on RCA adapters, read here. For more product information on MC-0.5 magnetic wave, read here.


Valvet Soulshine 8 Tube Preamp

Summing up experience and emotion: The valve pre-amp soulshine is VALVET’s new top-of-the-line product. Also in this case, tubes weren’t re-invented, but were used especially cleverly. Two directly coupled stages in one intelligent circuit – ...


Modwright LS100

New LS 100 tube single-ended preamp from ModWright Instruments! The design goal of the LS 100 was to pick up where the 9.0SE, ModWright's first product to be produced, over seven years ago, to the next ...